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Properties of Ingredients

Virgin coconut oil and your skin1
00% pure coconut oil is the best treatment to heal, protect and beautify your skin and hair

Sweet Almond Oil
Containing vitamin e Sweet almond oil is famous for its extra skin conditioning qualities. It is an excellent nutrient for softening and conditioning the skin. It also contains minerals, vitamins a, b1, b2, b6 and is rich in protein

Lavender oil
The most versatile of all essential oils and highly regarded for its healing properties promotes growth of new skin cells and exerts a balancing action. Excellent in the treatment of sunburn and other damage to the skin. Blended with vitamin e it reduces the appearance of scar tissue.

Frankincense oil
An incredible skin rejuvenating oil, frankincense revitalizes the skin and restores youthful elasticity whilst delivering antioxidant’s directly to the skin to resist the effects of aging

Virgin coconut oil
Virgin coconut oil has a very small molecular structure so it is absorbed by the skin quickly and easily. It doesn’t clog pores and blends wonderfully with other fixed and/or essential oils.

Avocado oil
Nourishes and restores dry dehydrated skin. Improves elasticity. Plumps up fine lines. High content of vitamins a and e as well as b1, b2, d and lecithin.

Apricot kernel oil
A light, rich oil very helpful for dehydrated, mature or sensitive skin. It is very high in vitamin content.

Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil is very similar in composition to the skin’s natural oils and penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish and restore elasticity to mature and dry skin It is also extremely beneficial in the control of acne, as excess sebum is dissolved in Jojoba oil. It also heals inflamed conditions, eczema, psoriasis etc.

What exactly is Jojoba Oil and why is it used so much in skin care products?

Green tea extract
When topically applied green tea extract stimulates the proliferation of supporting skin cells that increase the epidermal thickness of skin. It has amazing anti-oxidant properties. Recent academic studies have shown that the use of green tea extract applied topically can significantly slow down the aging processes of the skin.

Mandarin and lemon essential oils and witch hazel
Excellent cleansing and toning properties whilst retaining natural moisture balance

Aloe vera gel
Remarkable healing, anti-scarring and anti-blistering properties the gel from the aloe vera plant is a must in the medicine cabinet for burns and wounds.

Almond meal
Coarsely ground almond meal is an excellent natural preparation for sloughing off expired epidermis cells and for buffing the skin to achieve a radiant glow.